100% Of Proceeds From Our Event Benefit Local Sacramento Children’s Charities

Runnin’ for Rhett

Runnin’ for Rhett is more than just an organization; it’s a heartfelt tribute and a beacon of hope born from the profound love and loss experienced by Beth and Randy Seevers. Founded in December 2007, after the unexpected passing of their beloved son Rhett, who bravely battled severe cerebral palsy throughout his short life, this nonprofit stands as a testament to the power of turning personal tragedy into collective inspiration. Rhett’s parents, driven by their enduring love for their son and their desire to honor his memory, have channeled their grief into a powerful movement aimed at spreading positivity and empowerment through fitness and movement. 

From humble beginnings spurred by Beth’s transformative experience running the Shamrock’n ½ marathon on the anniversary of Rhett’s passing, the organization has blossomed into a force for good, touching the lives of thousands in the Sacramento area. Their mission is simple yet profound: to inspire people to Move Into Life. By nurturing healthy communities through fitness and nutrition, Runnin’ for Rhett not only honors Rhett’s legacy but also offers a guiding light for those who feel defeated, downtrodden, or in need of encouragement. In every step taken, in every mile run, the spirit of Rhett lives on, reminding us all to embrace life’s challenges with resilience, determination, and unwavering optimism.

California PAL

Since 1971, California PAL has worked to foster positive relationships and build bonds between youth and police officers. It is dedicated to strengthening police and community relations and reducing juvenile crime by providing safe, healthy alternatives for at-promise youth. Furthermore, California PAL provides youth with the tools and resources to succeed and recognizes the support of well informed, culturally and community informed law enforcement officers can have a positive and lasting impact on youth.

California PAL offers training, supervision, and funding to local police activity leagues (PALs) and sheriff activity leagues (SALs) to support engagement in sports, outdoor activities, the arts, and educational events for youth in their local communities. Activities range from football to college/career preparedness, violence prevention to leadership development. California PAL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

California PAL offers specialized programs designed to:

  • Promote the health, well-being and future success of youth and officers
  • Prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system
  • Protect youth and officers from physical and emotional harm

Point West Rotary Foundation

In 1998, the club created a Foundation to help those in need in our community, as an enduring legacy to past, present, and future Point West Rotarians and the community we serve. The Point West Rotary Club Foundation is the fiscal agent for the California Brewers Festival. Learn about our foundation here.

We are glad to be back raising funds through our traditional beer festival, and we are still committed to supporting our non-profit charity partners in any way we can.

WEAVE’s mission is to promote safe and healthy relationships and support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and sex trafficking.